Joanna Bissada


« They did not know it was impossible, so they did it »
Mark Twain.

I have developed over the years a coaching and consulting practice for individuals and organizations focused on putting energies in motion to reinforce leadership, impact and transformations. Each mission is both:

  • Unique by taking into account the specificities of my clients’ environment and their own singularities.
  • Similar to others because the pillars always presents are audacity, innovation, optimization of paradoxes, a shared strategic vision as well as a sustainable and measurable return on investment.

Who am I?

Of Egyptian and Lebanese descent, born in the United States, living in France and coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs in all parts of the world, diversity and entrepreneurship are part of my DNA.

An evolving international career

Lawyer, member of the Paris Bar, I practiced in the world of international business in law firms and at Cisco Systems. As a counsel and member of Executive Boards, I worked with passion on large strategic partnerships as well as transformation projects. Stakeholders were diverse by nationality/culture/business. Environments, opportunities and constraints were constantly changing.

Embracing fully the role of a business partner, I developed alongside my legal training, an expertise in change management and in leading innovation projects. In 2011, I decided to pursue these new skills by dedicating my work to professional coaching and consulting and created my own firm, Evolvio.

find out more about my career
find out more about my career

My Services

Individual Coaching

Team & Organizational

Team & Organizational Coaching

Innovative Curriculums

Innovative Curriculums


My clients come from various sectors: the Telecom & Networking Industry, Legal Professions, Media, Automobile, Railroads, Aeronautics, Banking, Consulting, Pharmaceutical, Services to the Environment, Construction, Fashion, Luxury Goods…

Here are a few examples:

CCI Paris Ile-de-France
Hennessy Cognac
Le Monde


Joanna Bissada

54, rue de Miromesnil - 75008 Paris

tel. +33 9 80 34 69 23

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